Owning an Airbnb or Vrbo

Airbnb and Vrbo are 2 of the main companies that have created the market for easy, online property rentals. Instead of staying at a hotel that is too far away, or too expensive people can now rent a room,entire house or an apartment complete with kitchen and laundry facilities. Now people are starting to transfer away from the long established hotels and motels that haven’t innovated in years. Not only can travelers find the ideal temporary home, but owners can make use of unused areas. In fact, these businesses have been so successful that Airbnb is planning on publishing its IPO in 2019, and Vrbo redesigned its website with new features like vacation planning with multiple people. So if you are planning your next vacation, check out these sites before you call a hotel or motel.


  • Multiple properties available
  • Easy to find cheaper properties
  • Able to scan through multiple areas at once
  • Able to rent rooms, houses, mansions, yachts, etc…
  • Can meet some new friends
  • Easier to plan stays
  • Rentals can never be vacant like hotels/motels
  • 24 hrs after you check in to ensure both parties are happy
  • Usually cheaper than a hotel/motel
  • Host can cook food, show you things to do, give you advice about the local area
  • Hosts make extra money
  • Hosts list properties for free
  • Hosts can deny requests that look suspicious
  • Secure payment system


  • Some people are not comfortable with staying at others peoples house
  • House owners can be unpredictable compared to hotel/motel employees
  • A guest could break/steal one of your valuables
  • Host can decline your request
  • Motels/Hotels are open longer
  • Most hotels/motels offer free breakfast, Tv
  • Hosts/guests can be too loud at night
  • Property listing can be different than stated

Airbnb and Vrbo are taking the vacation rental game to a whole new level. By allowing hosts to list their properties for free, and people to easily search for properties in their exact area booking your vacation rental has never been so easy. It will be interesting to see how the hotel/motel industry responds assuming that Airbnb and Vrbo continue to grow. Only time will tell to see if this will become the new norm in terms of traveling and renting properties. So if you are looking to rent a small room or a luxury yacht, check out Airbnb or Vrbo today!