Adding or Remodeling Your Arizona Pool?

Adding or Remodeling Your Arizona Pool? Discover a Few Important Tips to Help You on Your Journey.

The summer is nearing an end and soon the winter visitors will be bouncing back into the beautiful desert of Arizona. Whether you are thinking about turning your property into a vacation rental or simply thinking to turn it into your own winter oasis, let’s explore some of what you can do and the value you can add…..with a pool!

Whether you want to spruce up and redo an exciting pool, or you have the space in your backyard to add a pool or spa, fall is one of the best times in Arizona to embark on the pool journey.

Mark, with Pool Remodel Phoenix (, a local Arizona pool builder, offers a few tips and things to consider when adding or redoing your pool.

To begin with, it is important to decide why you want to add or redo a pool.

Is it your primary residence that you are looking to enhance?

If so, Is it more for kids or adult leisure?

Do you want to increase the value of your property for resale purposes?

Are you looking to add value to a property that you plan to list on as a vacation rental?

Once those questions are addressed, you will have a better idea of what is available and what you would like according to your goals and budget.

5 tips to consider when adding a pool or giving your existing pool a facelift.

  • Keep it Cool! Arizona summers are HOT.  If you’ve lived in Arizona during a summer, you understand what hot means. In order to enjoy even getting into the pool, the decking around the pool. Kool deck, actually invented by a Tucson company, offers a great way to lower the surface temperatures of the existing ground, as well as withstand the intense Arizona sun. Opting for light colors, no matter what type of pool surface you opt for is also key.
  • Consider Safety– Water on a surface, especially specific ones like sleek surfaces, can get very slippery and create a surface that is not safe to walk on. Certain materials and surface textures offer a slip resistant space that brings a peace of mind, especially for children and the elderly. Whether you do it yourself or work with a professional contractor, there are several options and styles to choose from.


  1. Overlays- If you are resurfacing your pool area, overlays offer a cost effective way to change the look of existing concrete. There are several colors, materials, and overlay options to choose from. Overlays are quite a bit cheaper than complete re-dos, and are aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Durability- Wear and tear happens, from humans, chemicals and the environment. Opting for durability can and will save you money in the future. Pavers are a great example. They can withstand heat and elements, as well as easily be replaced without having to redo the whole deck or pool area. They also offer a more slip resistant surface.

Improving or adding to your property is always exciting. You are rewarded with a space to relax, enjoy and entertain, or a great return on investment. It is important that you explore your options to most out of your space and your dollar. If you are a do it yourselfer, read, ask questions, and research! If you contact a professional pool company, they offer samples, 3D renderings, as well as past work to give you an idea and visuals of the possibilities. Remodeling a pool or adding a new pool to your backyard is available for many different budgets, so have fun exploring!